In every industry, it’s important to ensure your assets are protected, and hedge against any risks. RDA is uniquely able to provide a broad and comprehensive suite of cost-effective commercial coverages in partnership with Canada’s leading insurance underwriters.

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Automobile Fleets

Trucks and automobiles can be insured individually or as a fleet, where many vehicles are owned and/or operated by the same business or individual. Generally, fleets are subject to special discounts that would otherwise not be available to individually insured vehicles.


Coverage for loss or damage to commercial buildings and their contents, including the actual structure of the building as well as stock, furniture, and machinery. If you’re a tenant, coverage applies to any improvements you make to the building. Coverage is available for a wide range of perils.

Business Interruption

Coverage for loss of revenue and continuing expenses that result when your business is closed down due to damage caused by an insured loss. While most owners wouldn’t think twice about fire coverage, it’s equally important to insure against the loss of revenue during the time it takes to get back on your feet.

Accounts Receivable

Coverage for money owed by customers that the policyholder is not able to collect as a result of the destruction of accounts receivable records caused by an insured event, or in the event that the customers cannot pay (bankruptcy, bad debt, etc.).

Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Also known as equipment breakdown insurance, this covers losses resulting from breakdown of electrical panels, phone systems, computer systems and HVAC caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown, including pressure vessels (heating boilers, compressors, etc.) and production machinery that are not covered under the fire or Broad Form (All Risks) insurance policy.

Ocean and Inland Marine and Cargo

Loss or damage to shipments during the voyage between the supplier and customer.

General Liability

Coverage for negligent acts that cause bodily injury, property damage to others.

Tenant's Legal Liability

Coverage for damage to premises of others that you rent or use or that is in your care, custody or control.

Umbrella Liability

Increases the amount of insurance carried in the basic General Liability and Automobile Liability policies and will pay for events excluded under the basic policy that are not also excluded by the Umbrella Policy.

Professional Liability

Also known as errors and omissions insurance or malpractice insurance, this provides protection for individuals and businesses who provide specialized or professional services such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, nurses and other health providers; and brokers of real-estate, mortgages, insurance, information technology providers, website hosts, etc.

Employer Practices Liability

Protects an employer (individual or company) against lawsuits brought against them for things such as wrongful dismissal, emotional distress, harassment, discrimination due to sex, race, religion, etc. Lawsuits can be brought by employees, prospective employees and customers.

Environmental Impairment Liability

Protects the policyholder (business or individual; owner or carrier of pollutants (gasoline, petroleum, oil, gas, etc.) for damage to the environment (air, water, earth, etc.) by the release of pollutants, and the clean-up and remedial costs.

Directors and Officers Liability

This is also referred to as D&O. It protects directors and officers of a business against wrongful acts for legal action that may be brought by shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, or anyone who may suffer loss as a result of the wrongful actions by the D&O in running a business. It can protect both, the D&O personally, and their company.



Protects a contractor and/or the owner of property while under construction, including the structure itself, material that is to be used in the construction project at the site and during transit.


A single policy purchased by the owner of a construction project or by the general contractor. It protects all contractors, subcontractors, and the owner or the general contractor of having to make sure that all contractors (and sub-contractors) related to the job valid and proper insurance to the completion of the project. It is controlled by either the owner or the general contractor.



Protection for damages to others and their assets caused by wrongful acts for: network and information security (protection of information/privacy issues); communication and media (unauthorized use of, or infringement of copyright, title, trademark, etc.); and regulatory defense expenses.


Covers crisis event management expenses (reasonable expenses incurred in order to mitigate and actual or potential negative publicity resulting from a wrongful act); security breach remediation and notification expenses; computer program and electronic data restoration expenses; computer fraud; funds transfer fraud; e-commerce extortion; and business interruption and additional expenses.


Provides coverage for legal advice, contract disputes, employment disputes, legal defence, liability insurance deductibles, and more. It is available for both consumers and business owners.


We have programs that are exclusive to our brokerage, allowing us to insure groups of individually-owned businesses at highly-discounted premiums. Contact us to learn more.

The above are very brief descriptions for your quick reference. The actual policies’ Conditions, Exclusions and limitations shall prevail at all times. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or require clarification.